Executive Summary - Consultancy on Energy Efficiency measures in Guyana

On going from December 26, 2017

Objetive of project
The main objective of the consultancy was to suggest a Measure, Report and Verification (MRV) system for the Energy Efficiency measures to be implemented and currently under implementation in public buildings in Guyana.

The consultancy assessed the energy audits as well as the implementation of Energy Efficiency (EE) measures in public buildings in Guyana. The assessment of the consultancy regards four mayor impacts of the implementation of such measures. Each of the following four aspects were presented in the form of reports:

1. Assessment of the energy audits that were conducted in public buildings in Guyana under the Energy Efficiency
Programme of the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA);
2. Assessment of the impact on energy savings on the GHG emissions scenarios for Guyana;
3. Contribution of the implementation of EE measures to sustainable development;
4. Assessment of the institutional framework and proposal of an MRV system for the implementation of the EE measures.
In this short summary of the consultancy, the reports and their main findings along with main recommendations are presented below.

ExSum_Consultancy Guyana (1,039,697 kb)