Forests and Biodiversity

The forests of the planet are of high value for all the environmental functions and ecosystem services that provide the planet and humanity.
Therefore, it is necessary to develop processes of integral management, sustainable management and conservation of the same.

This type of instruments can generate direct effects on conservation and avoid deforestation processes and consequently emission of greenhouse gases (GHG).

However, it is important to note that integrated and sustainable forest management plans should be developed under a comprehensive territorial management that promotes poverty reduction and sustainable development goals, in turn, to generate better conditions for forest ecosystem resilience and Of the populations living in forested areas.

Changing Paradigmas offers its experience in the development of these processes, which must include different public, private and community actors, and that allow an adequate articulation of the forest agendas with other existing development agendas in these regions.


María Renee Pinto Romero Operations Manager and expert consultant on climate change
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